Chad and Heda – Tweed Coast Wedding Photographer

tweed coast wedding

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Chad and Heda – Tweed Coast Wedding Photographer

As a wedding photographer I’ve always maintained that no two weddings are the same, and that different is good. Chad and Heda’s Tweed Coast wedding was certainly different to any other I photographed. I was only with them for a short time but we managed to absolutely jam pack in an insane amount of drop dead gorgeous wedding photographs in that time.

With limited time scheduled for their wedding photography Chad and Heda really prioritized what was important to them and we focused on capturing as much of that as we could. For them it was all about documenting the ceremony, capturing all the guests and nailing some epic imagery of just the two of them. To maximise the time we had on the day of the wedding, I arrived just as they had finished getting ready. Heda wore a spectacular dress from Gold Coast lace legends, Grace Loves Lace. Their accommodation at Cabarita Beach Resort was insane, with penthouse views across the ocean. Not restricted by tradition Chad and Heda were more than happy to spend time together before the ceremony and so we shot some beautiful stuff of the two them around their accommodation before traveling to the ceremony at the fantastic Osteria in Casurina. Following the ceremony we shot a heap of group photographs and a few more intimate portraits then I was off leaving them to party.

The next day we meet up again (this was their idea and pure genius) they got dressed up again and this is when we concentrated on getting the bulk of their couple shots. By doing it the next day it meant we were free to time the shoot to coincide with the best light and weren’t rushing as we didn’t have to stick to a schedule. We ended up heading down to Hastings Point, primarily because it struck a great balance between ease of access and stunning ocean views.  Unconstrained by time or pressure we nailed some fantastic shots.

It was great to work with a couple who were happy to think outside the box and really pleasing to nail so many great images in a limited time frame.

Here is their beautiful day in pictures.

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Venue: Osteria, Casuarina

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

Accomodation: The Beach Resort Cabarita

Accomodation2: Halcyon House, Cabarita

Portaits: Hastings Point


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