Ethan and Renee

Hinterland Wedding

Renee and Ethan made the decision to elope but still wanted to have a big party to celebrate with friends and family. So, with the wedding arranged for Saturday on Thursday before, with a handful of their closest friends they got married on Sharpes Beach. It was the wettest day of an unusually wet week, which saw us retreat to the aptly named restaurant, Shelter for them to complete their paperwork and make it official. 

Fast forward a few days, and the skies cleared for the big day. Everything took place on Ethan’s family property. A hinterland acreage, that the family had lived on since just before Ethan was born. During the “ceremony” the Mums were invited forward and presented with a gift. It was the freshly signed wedding certificate from two days before. Cue…. Some seriously shocked guests!!!

Already being married, meant they were able to make their wedding ceremony truly their own. It was the first and only wedding, I’ve seen which featured a traditional “Welcome to Country” by a local elder. As a wedding photographer and having grown up in the UK, the idea of including it in a ceremony hadn’t occurred to me before, but now it has, it’s something that I think should really happen at all weddings and hopefully, we will see become more common in the future. 

A good friend of theirs played the role of celebrant and rather than exchanging rings, they planted a tree. With the tree, they also buried Ethan’s mullet, which had been chopped off the day before as a surprise for Renee. 

With the “formalities” concluded the rest of the day was spent partying and letting loose. Simon Doe played the tunes while cocktails flowed from the vintage caravan bar served by the team The C’Van.