The Locals Cookbook

Pictures, Adventures and Receipes from Sri Lanka *............

Anyone who really knows me , will know that one of may favourite places on the planet is Sri Lanka. In 2004 I was on the beach when the Boxing Day Tsunami struck, a instant that will forever be one of the defining moments in my life. Ever since, I have been inextricably bonded to the people of this island. My good mate, Jon Lewin, was alongside me that fateful day and whilst we both escaped unscathed, he too shares a special connection to this magical place.

Over the passed few years, I’ve watched as he turned his idea for a travel cookbook on Sri Lanka into a reality. Combining his passion’s for photography, travel and food with a county he loves, Jon’s created this incredible hardback book. The Locals Cookbook is filled with fantastic imagery, mouth watering recipes and stories of his adventures, to call this simply a cookbook is to do it a disservice. The completed book is a testament to his determination and courage to see the project through. The result of an insane amount of hard work and something he should be so very proud of.

It’s an honor to have a receive a byline at the front of the book and see a handful of my pictures grace it’s pages. I’m just glad to have been able to play a very small part in this fantastic project.

Since we received our copy, I’ve loved trying out the recipes. Being able to recreate some of the food I’d enjoiyed in Sri Lanka, transported me straight back.

You can find out more here and order your own copy. 10% of all profits are going directly back into communities where these recipes come from as well.

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