Wedding photography on a budget

Its about quality not quantity...

Not everyone either has/nor wants to spend a fortune on their wedding – and that’s cool. Some of the most awesome weddings, I’ve photographed have been done on incredibly tight budgets.

If you are a planning a wedding on a small budget, it’s important you figure out what’s most important to you and prioritize that. Your wedding photography is no different. Now this post is 100% not about spending less on your dress/food etc so you can spend more on your photographs and hire me. It’s intended for brides who don’t have a large budget for wedding photography but still want to get amazing photographs.


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 I regularly see brides on various wedding groups make  requests along the lines of

[text align=”center” size=”12″ color=”#000″ lineheight=”1.5″]Looking for quote’s for photography, two photographers, 8 hours coverage, getting ready until after first dance. Photography’s really important to us . Budget under $1200.

Now I know I’m not a cheap photographer but I think when your working with a limited budget, as in this case you have to be realistic. This is very/very cheap. And maybe you’ll get someone to do it for this price. But how good will they be?

When dealing with a small budget, it really becomes a decision on quality versus quantity!

Whilst you may not be able to get a good, established photographer to work a full day with a limited budget, you may well be able to get them for a few hours.

I’d recommend instead of trying to get someone to cover the whole day, instead get a quality photographer to cover the key parts of the day. (by key parts of the day, I mean the parts of the day IMPORTANT TO YOU.)

Maybe you forgo the getting ready, first dance etc and instead have someone cover the ceremony and then shoot some amazing portraits of the two you?

You certainly won’t be getting as many images but the ones you do receive will undoubtedly be of higher standard.

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Another thing to consider if your budget is limited is to look at having your wedding on a day other that a Saturday. Many vendors offer discounted rates for days other than Saturday as there are less weddings happening mid-week so less competition for bookings.

One great example of how to maximize your wedding coverage is a recent Tweed Coast Wedding I shot. The couple, Chad and Heda, had some really fantastic ideas about how to jam pack their shoot and in a really limited time frame we locked in a ton of epic imagery.  Read more about how they did it and see their images – here.
Remember as with all things wedding, there are no right or wrong ways to do things, it’s ultimately about whats important to you.